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Gold Plated Designer 32inch Long Goddess Laxmi Pendant Mangalsutra With Earring For Women

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A Mangalsutra is an important and indivisible part of any Hindu wedding function. It symbolizes the union of two souls in the bond of marriage. “Mangal” which means auspicious and “sutra” implies string. This extraordinary accessory called Mangalsutra is the thing that the Hindu grooms tie around their bride’s neck at the time of a wedding.

There are different names for mangalsutra according to regional variations and designs.

In Bihar it is known as Taagpaag, Dejhoor in Kashmir, Thaali or Thirumangalyam in Tamil Nadu, Minnu in Kerala, Mangalasutramu or Pustelu or Ramar Thaali or Bottu in Telugu, Maangalya-Sutra in Karnataka and in Maharashtra there is a specific design known a Vaati mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra is not just the piece of jewellery but it is the symbol of love and togetherness between two souls.  It is believed that black beads in mangalsutra are the protector of women’s husband from all evil powers.  This ornament carries lots of cultural values, emotions and sentiments.

According to changing time, there has been an evolution in fashion statement of mangalsutra.  Earlier women used to wear long and heavy mangalsutra but now in today’s time independent and workaholic women look for delicate and trendy designs of mangalsutra which is easy to carry.

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