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Maharashtrian Traditional Gold Plated Kolhapuri Saaj for Women / Girl


  • Contains : 1 Long Saaj

Maharashtrian Traditional Gold Plated Kolhapuri Saaj / Kolhapuri Saaz Necklace For Women is Artfully designed with a classic fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and feminine elegance. This beautiful necklaces add a hint of raw ethnic beauty to any look. Kolhapuri saaj is necklace named after Kolhapur a city in Maharashtra, India Traditionally the necklace is made of 21 leaves or pendants but contemporary wearers prefer 10 to 12 21 design-portions mostly, comprise avatars of Vishnu, and symbols of ashtmangal. The Kolhapuri saaj begins with chaphe-kali (frangipani buds), and ends with kirti mukh (a good luck charm). In line are panch panadi (holy leaves), bel leaf (leaf offered to Lord Shiva), bel plant (a plant of three united leaves), ridge gourd (symbolic of all plants), karle or Bitter gourd (life-giving herb), Sun, manik panadi (a gem, symbolising friendship), matsya (fish, or incarnation of Vishnu), Koorma (incarnation of Vishnu), Narasimha (incarnation of Vishnu), rose, beetle, chandra (Moon), emerald, gandbhairi (symbolising unity of husband and wife), morchel (symbolic of kingdom and richness), peacock feather, shankha (Conch), wagh nakhe (tiger nail, symbolising power of weapons), and snake (symbolising union). Other symbols that are used could also be kamal (lotus), kasav (tortoise) and bhunga (bumble bee). The Kolhapuri saaj is woven into green colour silk, and further ornamentation is done

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Necklaces are the identity of Indian women and a symbol of grace. They Have Special Importance on Ring Ceremony, Wedding And Festive Time. They Can Also Wear It On Regular Basics. Make Your Moment Memorable with This Range. Ideal Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary gift your loved ones.

Product Care

  • You can use your jewelry whenever required. But while unused, please maintain it inside a plastic box or zip lock covers. Any moisture or sweat should be properly wiped off before preserving inside.
  • Perfumes and deo spray or body and hair spray are real enemies for immitation jewellery. How well your jewellery may look with the plating, it doesnt matter. A single spray of these perfumes are good enough to instantly spoil the look and colour of the jewellery or shorten the colour life. Please avoid using these chemicals or cleaning agents when you use immitation or gold plated jewellery.

Disclaimer: Slight variation in actual color vs. image is possible due to the screen resolution.


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